Get The Competitive Edge! Business Apps And Texting Made Affordable!!!
Get The Competitive Edge!Business Apps And Texting Made Affordable!!!

Message Plans

Just want to jump into a message campaign, pick a plan and get started today!

250 Message Plan A  $   25.00
500 Message Plan B  $   35.00
800 Message Plan C  $   55.00                            
1000 Message Plan D  $   65.00  

1500 Message Plan E  $   85.00
2000 Message Plan F  $ 100.00

2500 Message Plan G  $ 125.00


KEY WORDS- 1 FREE with account

$10.00 Set up for each additional


Marketing Mentor-Monthly Fee $15.00

One time account set up fee $130.00                           

A month maintenance $5.00  fee


    Unused monthly messages do not roll over

Additional Message Bundles*

500 msgs  1000 msgs  2000 msgs  5000 msgs

$25.00      $40.00        $87.50       $150.00

 *Additional messages never expire and remain on your account until they are all utilized. Every month your messages will be deducted from your monthly recurring messages first and if you run out of those messages they will start to deduct from any additional messages you have purchased.

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