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If you're searching for the kind of place that's heavy on culture and light on cubicles and, mayhem, mandatory theme days, it's time you met Sinew 1st in Mobile Marketing.  It's not just that we dress business casual (we do) or laugh a lot (what can we say, we like to work hard, play hard) or avoid ever visiting Cubicle City (it's near Conferenceville).  We understand that creating something big doesn't have to mean creating something corporate, and that if you bring together a group of smart, caring, passionate people, the rest tends to work itself out.

We're out to create a world-class brand that will be known by every small, mid and even large business around the globe (Earth, if that part wasn't clear).  And we would like to be honored as one of the best places to work.  We would like to receive a plaque, which would be quite lovely on one of our walls.

We offer a stout healthcare compensation (after your probation period).  We offer a hearty vacation schedule (including your birthday off, cheers to our amigos) and a flexible work schedule and we tend to say things like, "Hey, nice job there!" and, "Well done, Bonnie!" taking care to only use that *precise* phrase in cases where your name is actually Bonnie.  We work in a really collaborative, open environment and if you ask us, which you unknowingly just did, we've got one of the absolute finest groups of people ever assembled outside of some sort of Best People in the Universe Annual Convention (they have those, right?). Even then, we'd giv'em a run for their money.

We are growing quickly, and we have new and/or exciting opportunities awaiting you. So if you're looking to lend your unique talents and passion to our group and our quest, then take a minute to get to know us and by all means inquire!  Also please note that our company is located in Santa Rosa however we have positions that can be virtually everywhere, we're open to remote staff in YOUR city.


Other things we're open to: Classy slip-on shoes, ice cream sandwiches in winter, and indoor piñatas.

Territory Manager:


  • If you're a sales superstar or have a proven record, we'd love to chat.
  • If you've got sales moxie and know-how, we've got a great opportunity.
  • Sinew is looking for someone who loves helping clients and selling
  • Sinew is looking for someone with at least three years of sales experience to join our Management Team.

As a Territory Mangager, you'll use your honed communication skills in a conversational, consultative sales process.  You'll work closely with companies that are in need of our services to aid their present or new marketing campaigns, often in need of high impact low overhead cost.  All businesses can use our products and services.  You'll be managing a pipeline - not a pipeline made of steel or reinforced aluminum, mind you - but one instead made of inquiries and prospects; outbound prospecting will also be expected.


Desired skills, habits and tools:

  • At least three years of sales experience, preferably including outside sales and work involving marketing or advertising
  • Confidence using the phone and/or email to complete a sales cycle
  • A thorough understanding of the steps of a sales cycle, including appropriate follow-up
  • Fabulous communication skills (can talk and listen)
  • An entrepreneurial attitude and diligent work ethic
  • Customer service experience is also a huge plus
  • Has a reliable vehicle
  • Has a computer and printer knows how to use them
  • Knows Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and can Skype, if needed

Marketing Mentors:


  • If you're a sales superstar in the making.
  • If you've got sales moxie and the drive to get up in the morning, we've got a great opportunity.
  • Sinew is looking for someone who loves helping clients and selling
  • Sinew is looking for someone who wants to make money while having fun helping our clients.

Please e-mail your resume and cover letter to, Attention: Recruiting Diva to

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